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FTVF Series

This product is used for various purposes such as the development of new materials including industrial and biotechnology products are being used as the basis of a common laboratory equipment. 


  • Suitable for the purpose of experiment in the tempearature below 1000℃ When the door opens, power supply is automatically stopped to prevent the heater from any potentional breakdown caused by continuous electricity supply.
  • The advanced sensor system immediately sounds a loud alarm in case that safe door-locking function is blocked.
  • The independent overheating protector features optimized safety FTVF series models feature  the  newest auto-tuning function to keep high-efficiency and performance as well as continue to stabilize temperature compensation.

General Specifications

Temp Range400-900℃
Working Temp800℃
Temp ControllerLCD PID program control system
RegulatorSSR contoroller
ThermocoupleK(C) -type
Vacuum Range760mmHg(digital display)
Internal MaterialStainless steel plate (ceramic fiber)
External MaterialSteel plate with double painted
Heating MethodBoth side lacked (4 sides)
InsulationCeramic wool
Door PackingMolded heat resistance silicon rubber
Safety DeviceExclusive over temp protector
Power SupplyAC220V, 60Hz


Chamber Volume2.2L8L
Heater Zone (W x D x H)mm130 x 130 x 120200 x 200 x 200
External Dimension (W x D x H) mm530 x 460 x 680630 x 560 x 780

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